Drying and Dehumidifying

Water damage inspection and assessment are the first steps in assessing a home after it has suffered water damage. The professionals will inspect your home to assess the extent of damage and determine how much work is required to restore it. Water removal is the next step. It’s the removal of water and the repair of damage caused by pipe leaks, as the name implies.

Once these steps have been completed, water damage restoration contractors will move on to drying and dehumidification. These two steps are crucial to restore your home to normal living conditions.

It is normal for your home to look dry after the water removal. It is usually not. Many items will still feel damp or have some moisture. These items could suffer further damage if you don’t do the dehumidification and water drying and dehumidification processes. This is in addition to encouraging mold growth as mold thrives in moist environments. This will lead to loss of property and spread of mold, which can cause respiratory problems and allergies.

You must dry and dehumidify everything and your home to prevent them from deteriorating. We use dehumidifiers and industrial-grade equipment to accomplish this. These tools allow us to dry any moisture remaining in places we couldn’t reach during the water extraction phase. This tool also allows us to completely remove water from wet items or places where it is not necessary. This process can help prevent mold growth and structural damage in areas where your walls or building structure were damaged.

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We are experts in water damage restoration and have many years of experience. We recommend that you leave drying and dehumidification to professionals. This is a critical step that will cause further damage to your home and increase your costs. Although you may be able grab a few tools and get to work, professionals will have the ability to evaluate the extent of the damage and determine how long it will take to dry your home.

This is in addition to knowing the best tools for the job. You don't need only to have the right tools to bring your home back to normal. A certain amount of knowledge and expertise is also required. Your health is important. If your office or home has suffered water damage, call Water Damage Restoration Heroes. We will assess your property and determine how deep we need to go in order to dry it. Sometimes, we may need to dry your home as far as structural drying or dehumidification. Sometimes, we just need to remove any standing water and dry your belongings.


Dehumidification is about controlling humidity to maintain indoor air quality. Drying refers to the removal of water from affected areas. Dehumidification is concerned with removing excess moisture from the atmosphere, while drying focuses on getting rid of water from your belongings. Sometimes drying and dehumidifying must go together. Without the other, it doesn't work. You can't remove water from your belongings if you control only the humidity level. If you dry your belongings only without dehumidifying, then there's a high chance of mold growth. It is crucial that both dehumidifying and drying are done together to ensure that building materials don't lose their strength or shape.


The drying and dehumidification process will vary depending on the specific project and the weather conditions in your area. The process involves removing excess moisture from the air and any materials that can be accessed using an air mover. We will start by removing water from specific items. Then we will use industrial-strength drying fans or dehumidifiers to remove moisture from your property.

These steps will speed up drying and prevent moisture from causing further damage. Monitoring the materials inside your home for any residual dampness is usually the last step. They may appear dry from the outside, but they can still retain moisture. You can prevent mold growth by monitoring your materials.

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