Water Damage Inspection and Assessment Service

Leaky pipes, flooding, and sewage backup are all possible causes of water damage. This is something no one wishes to happen. These things happen. It is your first priority to remove the debris and return your home back to normal.

Inspection and assessment are the first steps in water damage restoration. Assessment and inspection of water damage involve gathering and analysing relevant data in order to assess the extent and severity of damage. Top Dog Water Damage Repair Orlando does this so that you don’t have to.

Our sophisticated equipment, such as surface gauges and moisture detectors, allows us to take objective measurements of wet and dry surfaces. To provide documentation, we also take photographs before and after the incident.

This will prevent water damage from occurring and reduce the cost of your project. To complete your services in a timely manner, our technicians are efficient and meticulous. No matter how simple or complex the job, we will find a solution for water damage.

We will inform you as soon as possible if damage has been done to your property. We will help you repair or prevent any further flooding.


Water damage assessment and inspection help you determine how to dry your home thoroughly. The water damage inspection assesses the extent of damage and calculates costs. It also determines how long it will take to dry out your property.

You will be wasting time and money on the restoration and repair phases if you don't do the inspection and assessment of water damage. You will only be spending money on fixing what appears to have suffered water damage without the proper assessment. You will also not be able to determine the extent and class of damage. Everything you do will depend on trial-and-error. You will likely still suffer further damage, including mold growth and warping.


Our professionals are the best for water damage assessment and inspection. This is due to many factors. First, you don't have the right equipment to evaluate water damage. It is not enough to use your eyes alone to assess the extent of the damage. You can determine the extent of damage with the right equipment. There are also four types of water damage, each based on the size of the damage. The water damage classes range in severity from 1 through 4, with four the worst. Water damage in class 4 is sometimes referred to simply as "bound water." Property or personal belongings that have suffered water damage of this level cannot be saved. They must be thrown away. There are three types of water. While black water poses the greatest danger, white water presents little or no risk. Each category requires specific skills and knowledge. These classes and types of damage can only be identified by trained professionals with the appropriate equipment. It also affects what type of restoration will be performed. This further confirms that you won't be spending your time or money on a trial-and-error water damage restoration process without proper assessment.


TopDog Water Damage Restoration will conduct a visual assessment before we can begin to assess the damage. Water Damage Restoration Heroes will inspect your home and property for signs of possible water intrusion or water damage.

We will then begin our infrared thermography scan after the visual inspection. We can then determine if there is any heat source under the drywall insulation, carpet padding or sub-flooring. A heat source could indicate prolonged water damage or worse, mold growth.

Three scenarios are possible once we have determined the source of water damage:

1) First, we have decided if the property should be dried using commercial equipment. Water Damage Restoration Heroes can help you get it done if your property is in need of commercial drying equipment.

2) Our research has shown that commercial drying is not necessary for your property. We can dry it using our locally produced desiccant humidifiers.

3. The water damage has been caused by an external source. We will have to repair the problem before we can dry your home.

Other equipment is also used to determine the water’s class and best course of action. After we have completed our assessment, you will be informed of our findings and the best way to proceed.

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